How old do I need to be to start training?2024-06-10T21:05:28+00:00

There are minimum ages for the various licenses and permits you might be training for (16 years old is the minimum and applies to a Recreational Pilot Permit), however there is technically no minimum age to begin training.  There is a requirement to be at least 14 years old to hold the Student Pilot Permit that is required before a student can fly an aircraft solo for their pilot training, but otherwise the student should be old enough to handle both the physical and academic demands of the training.

Is there a maximum age to begin training?2024-06-10T21:08:03+00:00

No!  We have seen students receive their first license or permit even into their late seventies.  As long as you can meet and maintain the medical requirements, you can continue to fly.

Is financing available?2024-06-10T21:28:57+00:00

Winnipeg Aviation does not provide financing for student training.

As a Designated Educational Institution, our students do qualify for student loans and bursaries that are available for post-secondary education.  This becomes available only after you have completed a Private Pilot License and have enrolled in the Commercial Pilot course or other advanced training required to attain employment as a pilot.

If you wish to investigate financing for your Private Pilot training, you can look to your banking institution of choice for a personal loan, or specialized lenders such as https://www.studentaviationfinancial.ca/

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